I am an empathic desert dweller who loves art & design. I am all about creating branding & design that not only reaches your audience but also aligns with your soul. 



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You see, in today's world, there's a million service providers to sort through on social media, and nobody wants to scroll through 10 rows of posts to find the information they need. Set yourself apart from the competition by having everything they need to know, wrapped in a gorgeous little bow, right on your website! 

It's the perfect way to avoid "how much?" and "what do you offer" DM's, & instead send clients to a place that has all the in-depth service information they need. By the time they're done on your site, they're ready to book or connect! 

Let's design a website & start connecting with your dream clients.

an experience that'll change your business

"Christine & Ty are naturals at turning ideas into reality."

My personal experience working with Christine & Ty was amazing. They had a thoughtfully laid out process that enabled us to collaboratively achieve the very best results. 

Elizabeth maclennan Prop Stylist

What it includes:

Receive Prepared Checklists & Streamlined Communication

Get Access to Website Training How-To Videos, Private Support 

Enjoy a 5 Page Website; Home, About, Work Together/Offers, Contact & 1 Sales Paged.

 Customized designed website to fit your branding and design goals


★  TIMELINE: 3 - 4 WEEKS ★ 

Integrate Original On-Brand Copy composed / edited by a professional writer.

Verbal & Visual Design

Optional Add ons:

Offering Strategy Workshop

Email marketing and booking system integration set up

Blog design / blog copy

Photo Direction Support

Email Set up and connection

Workflow set up & strategy   

Additional pages


"I have a lot of trust in Christine, her creative eye and her care for my business to succeed. I did not know my website could be so beautiful!"


 I was born to a British Mum in England, and a nomadic Dad from Seoul, Korea - talk about having a unique upbringing! With a background like that, it's no surprise that I grew up to be a bit of a wanderer. I've spent most of my life traveling the world, selling my art in the winters and working odd jobs in the summers.
I've always had a passion for creating art, telling stories, and making people smile. So, when I discovered branding and graphic design, I knew I had found my passion in life. It was like a light went off in my head!
Making the decision to quit my cute little job at an aesthetic boutique in Mexico and open up Hola Design Studio was a scary but powerful step for me. As someone who's used to being a free bird, committing to something like this was a big deal. But, let me tell you, it was totally worth it.
My goal with Hola Design Studio is to help small businesses bring their branding visions to life. I've been working with entrepreneurs in Mexico for the past two years, and it's been an incredible experience. There's nothing more fulfilling than taking someone's dream and turning it into a reality.

An empathic desert dweller who loves art & design

Who thoroughly enjoys meeting and working with people from all different backgrounds, on all types of projects. Originally from London and now based in Baja California Sur, I have lived around the world in vibrant hotspots such as Tel Aviv, Brighton, Mexico City and Lisbon. With a diverse background in English literature, theatre performance and multidisciplinary art methods, I have cultivated a strong connection to storytelling whether it’s on stage, off stage or on paper. With 8+ years of experience in branding and digital marketing, I have consulted leading global companies across music, fashion, architecture, wellness, hospitality and tech industries. What’s my signature touch? I like to apply a playful approach to my professional work, dismantling pre-determined ways of speaking so that every brand’s voice can be heightened and heard for their uniqueness, not uniformity. I am attracted to projects that seek to better the body, the intellect and the planet as a whole. For those wondering what I get up to when I am outside the studio, you can find me on a hiking trail, practising Ashtanga yoga or collecting electronic music. 

An enthusiastic, detail-oriented, effective communicator & connector 

Fun and easy. After 1 meeting Christine knew exactly what we wanted and she executed it perfectly.

In all the ways working with Christine has transformed our brand and we are now attracting our dream guests! Her journey was easy to follow, we felt cared for in every way. It was a beautiful experience working with her. 

Mariela & Santi owners of CIEN PALMAS

She captured my brand vibe in no time and made a perfect logo with just one design! 

Christine is a talented graphic and web designer with a distinct personal style! She captured my brand vibe in no time and made a perfect logo with just one design! Just a few tiny tweaks and I was perfectly happy. I'm a picky visual person so that speaks to her intuitive design skills. She also has a big heart and goes above and beyond in her work!

AUDREY Online Business Coach

It felt so amazing to work with experts who truly cared about not only my website design, but also how my website spoke to the viewers!

I didn’t know where to start or what I needed when it came to a website. When I engaged with Christine & Ty, it felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. It felt so amazing to work with experts who truly cared about not only my website design, but also how my website spoke to the viewers. My website is 100% me and I am so proud to send new site to any one who asks. Their process allowed me to feel held & understood through out our journey together. If you are looking for a team that not only creates a one of a kind website for your brand but really cares about your success than Christine & Ty is your providers! 


What business owners are saying....


Do you have a business that is blooming? Yes. Have you already have your brand and now you need a website to go with it? Yes. Do you understand that your time is important and you do not want to wait months for a designer to deliver a website? Yes. Then this service is for you, Verbal & Visual Website Service  is for entrepreneurs with an established, scaling and thriving service based business. Equal parts verbal & visual that gives you a platform that you are proud of and can bring you growth. If ready to launching an entirely new, high-vibe, evolution-ready website that truly embodies your business this service is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our Verbal & Visual Website Service  is delivered via Showit - meaning any tweaks and changes you desire can flow more effortlessly. Showit is a user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop functions & 100% customizable format. If you have used Canva before then you can easily use Showit!

PLUS! To make it even easier for you, you'll receive comprehensive training videos, an easy-to-follow Showit Guidebook for the complete launch-ready suite that's yours in every way. 

I'm not sure what i need?

We're all about collaboration, so we're gonna figure out your which experience is best for you together. Once you apply to work with us, we'll schedule a discovery call where we can chat about your vision, your business goals, and what you've got going on already.

This call is super important because it allows us to understand which experience works best for you and your business.

can i do my own copy?

To ensure the success of your website, we firmly believe in a holistic approach. It's not just about aligning your website with your brand and ensuring seamless design; it's also about crafting the right message. That's precisely why we offer comprehensive verbal and visual design services. With us, you'll not only receive a beautifully curated website that perfectly represents your brand, but you'll also get a website meticulously crafted to drive conversions. We understand that a website should be more than just aesthetically pleasing; it should be a powerful tool that delivers tangible results for your business. 

do you design in any other hosting program?

Our exclusive focus on the Showit platform stems from our unwavering belief in its unmatched capabilities. We firmly stand by Showit because it empowers our clients with the effortless ability to make changes and updates to their websites, all without the need for coding skills or incurring extra costs for minor edits. Showit offers unparalleled customization options – quite literally, if you can imagine it, we can bring it to life. This platform unleashes a designer's creativity, enabling us to craft websites that are not just on-brand but also uniquely stand out in the vast ocean of online sites, ensuring your web presence is truly exceptional.

what do i need to start?

Starting your website adventure you will need a solid foundation -your brand! If you're still in the process of shaping your brand identity, worry not, for we've got your back with our fantastic branding services. Now, before we dive headfirst into this creative expedition, it's a great idea to have a clear map of your offerings. Knowing what services and offerings you want to showcase will help us navigate more smoothly. And remember, this is a partnership, so let's make sure we have some quality time set aside for brainstorming and crafting! 

Your business is growing... why wait any longer for your website to come to life?  Connect with us and let's create some magic!

Ready to lead the way?

A Verbal & Visual Design Experience that your business has been craving for.