I am an empathic desert dweller who loves art & design. I am all about creating branding & design that not only reaches your audience but also aligns with your soul. 



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 Design a Brand Wilder then your Wildest Dreams

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Transmitting your brand’s energy 


Working with a designer empowers you to craft a brand that exudes unity and authenticity, infused with soulful meaning behind every design element.

Bid farewell to uncertainty over what to utilize this time; no more experimenting with colors or typography.

Liberate your time as you effortlessly create captivating posts, newsletters, and templates in mere minutes, thanks to spanking new templates at your disposal.

Witness an instant surge in the value of your offerings and services when accompanied by a professional branding that amplifies their appeal.

Feel the potency and pride as you unveil a brand that's ready to dazzle the world, radiating a confident smile that speaks volumes.

What’s next after DIY 

Energize & Evolve

Branding identity SERVICE

$1400 usd / 24000 mx

Strong personal brands are led by STORIES. Being able to take your experience, share it with the world, and turn it into value for others. What Hola Design Studio does is take your brands story and turn it into a visual representation in all aspects of your business with my Brand Identity Package service.

 2 hr Design Strategy Meeting
Custom Directional Moodboard
Primary Logo
Logo Type Logo
Secondary Logo 
Main Icon Logo 
Custom Color Pallet 
Typography Hierarchy
Custom Brand Elements
Instagram Canva Templates
Branding Guideline Bible 
Custom 'how to videos' on how to implement your branding

What Does it Include?


Timeline: 3 weeks

Towards Exuding your Brand’s Energy


// step 01

// step 02

// step 03

// step 04

 01 Let’s Go for a Stroll in the Sun 

Today is the day! Get ready to walk a whole new road to branding. What’s the agenda? To align before we design of course! We will connect on a strategic design call to review the directional moodboard, brand design outline and concept plan.

Inspired by solar energy, wake up your brand bright and early for the very first stage. 

02. Time to Soak Up Your Brand’s Rays 

The second step ensures that your brand’s energy is well read by me so that it feels true to you. Once we establish the right direction for us to go in, I will go ahead and begin the branding! Next call’s agenda? Our second meeting will be a walk through of your branding presentation to explain my purposeful design decisions and how they can be applied to your business. 

When a ray of light approaches a smooth, polished surface and then bounces back, it is called the reflection of light. Welcome to the reflection stage. 

03 Let’s Take a Seat in the Shade 

It’s time to make any refinements to your branding. I offer two rounds of revisions at this point in the design process. Your feedback is golden - please make sure to respect the allocated time frame in order for your project to receive any changes it needs! Feedback is to be sent via a special form that you will receive after going through the formal brand presentation. Next we will successfully approve ALL of your branding materials before wrapping. 

Cool down and collect your thoughts before bathing in the sun again. 

04. Time to Let Your Brand Shine  

Now it's time to launch your new brand! In this stage you will receive all ready-to-go files in a shared Google Drive folder plus an elaborate Brand Bible that covers all the do’s & don’ts design-wise.  We will meet one more time to go over how to access your custom 'how to' videos and any additional questions. 

Get back out there and glow in the sun.

logo design service

$650 usd / 11,000 mx

Hola Design Studio Logo Design service is perfect if you are just starting out as a business and you are not ready to invest in our branding identity service.

 We're happy to begin with a logo, and when you're ready to go all in, we'll craft the full brand experience for you.

1 hr design direction meeting
Custom directional moodboard
Primary Logo
Secondary logo
Main logo graphic
One page Logo Design Deck

What Does it Include?


Timeline 1 day prep | 1 day design

Businesses seeking just a logo design must have a clear strategy and logo vision




I cannot express enough how much faith I have in Christine and her designs. Her creative eye and passion for helping my business succeed have left me in complete awe. I had no idea that my website could be transformed into such a stunning  & creative platform. 

Christine's attention to detail and care for my business is truly unmatched. Her ability to take my vision and turn it into a tangible reality is a gift that I will never forget. Every element of my website, from the layout to the design, has been crafted with love and care. 


Christine was a DELIGHT! As soon as I stumbled across her social page I knew I wanted to work with her. She was attentive and somehow knew exactly the vibe I wanted to encompass. Our meetings were very effective and she was open to all feedback (although there was literally none!). I would absolutely refer her to anyone who wants a graphic designer with an intuitive side.


When I first started working with Christine, I was amazed by her ability to truly listen to me and understand my needs. It's not often that you find someone who can take your ideas and turn them into branding design that is spot on, but Christine did just that. She has a rare talent for not only hearing what you say but also translating it into a beautiful brand & website that exceeded my expectations. Overall, my experience working with Christine was nothing short of amazing. She is a talented and dedicated artist who truly cares about her clients' success


Fun and easy. After 1 meeting Christine knew exactly what we wanted and she executed it perfectly. Working with Christine has been an absolute game-changer for our brand. She has completely transformed the way we present ourselves to the world and as a result, we are now attracting our dream guests to our hotel! From start to finish, her journey was easy to follow and we felt cared for in every way.


She captured my brand vibe in no time and made a perfect logo with just one design! 

Christine is a talented graphic and web designer with a distinct personal style! She captured my brand vibe in no time and made a perfect logo with just one design! Just a few tiny tweaks and I was perfectly happy. I'm a picky visual person so that speaks to her intuitive design skills. She also has a big heart and goes above and beyond in her work!

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