I am an empathic desert dweller who loves art & design. I am all about creating branding & design that not only reaches your audience but also aligns with your soul. 

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As a business owner I understand the pain of projects piling up. I want to have the time to create and design, but just can’t find it. The uncertainty of how to tackle it or knowing it is out of your scope of DIY.

So I created Design in a Day! You can hire me to work only for you for an entire day up to 7 hours. (The total time we commit to a design intensive day typically totals 12 to 15 hours including prep and delivery time.)

This is a great way to tackle a pending project quickly, efficiently and affordably. A design in a day is a great fit for you if you're on a tight timeline, need a quick turnaround and already have a pretty clear idea of what you need and a written copy!

What is a 



You're on a tight timeline and need to tackle some projects that can take your business further like yesterday. 

 You love working at a fast pace and are a real go-getter and you appreciate a quick turnaround time.

 You have a pretty clear idea and vision of what you want and need to add a designers touch.

You're willing to do a bit of prep work beforehand, as well as willing to set aside an entire day to collaborate me & provide instant feedback.

Brand Collateral & Prints Design (1 - 2 designs)

Instagram Carousels (Plug & Play) 12 posts & 12 story highlights 

Packaging Design (1 packaging design)

Merchandise Graphics & Design

Stationary Designs (1 - 2 projects, depending on the project)

Onboarding Client Packet

Additional Add on Web Page

If you do not see the project you have in mind reach out via email here & I will get back to you within 24 hrs with the answer. 

What Projects can I get done in our VIP Design Day

Any one of these design projects 

$270 USD / 5000 MX

What Does it Include?

45 min strategy meeting

Directional Moodboard reflecting the project

Ready to go files in organized google drive 

Mock ups of the design in action

Once you have paid and secured your VIP design day you will receive an email confirming our day together along with a PDF with the prep work that needs to be completed prior to our day together. At any time from now until your schedule design day if you have any questions make sure to email me.

Prior to our design day

We will either connect at my office or zoom at 9 am to start your design brief go over prep work, and directional moodboard. I will start your project soon after & continue until 4 pm. 2 - 3 hrs prior to our day ending we will connect via zoom to review the designs and make any necessary revisions. This is all dependent on project, and you will receive a more accurate timeline with your prep homework

Our Design day

At this time we should be nearing the end with our project, if revisions and project is not approved at the end of the day no need to fear, we will allow for two more rounds of revisions after the day of. (This allows us to avoid the back and forth emails that can last weeks) Once design is approved I will move forward in sending all your ready to go files, branding elements and how to use your graphics, packaging or website depending on the project.

Our Day After

// facts & questions

No, but I do offer logo designs under my Mini Cosmic Branding Package, where we create the foundations of your branding including primary logo, secondary logo, color pallet & typography hierarchy. 

Can you do a logo design
 with this service? 

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I have been a designer for 3 years now and the most important part of the design process is collaboration. We can do so much more together in a short period of time oppose to the drawn out process that other designs might provide. This allows the excitement and connection to be within that day.

Only a day to design?
How is that possible?  

2 0f 7

My signature process & strategy has it so that when I start for design day we are half way done. 🙂 The prep work & your homework is vital in the process. 
If there is a chance that we did not have a complete design by the time due to my work time we will schedule another day to finish. **I will not leave you with a design you do not like**.

What if I don’t like the design and the day is up?

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You can re-schedule your appointment 2 days in advance to another available date. Just go into your confirmation email and click re-schedule. You will only have one chance to re-schedule so pick a time that you will for sure be available for the morning and a zoom call in the evening.

What if I need to re-schedule? 

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After the design date I will give you 2 rounds of revisions if needed. This also avoids the dreaded back and forth emails and anxiety of if you forgot to mention something. 

If you do need anything changed after 2 rounds of revisions are over, there will be an additional charge. We must have both rounds of revisions requested within 3 days of the design day.

How many revisions do I get?

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It is dependent on the project, you will receive a PDF linked to see the breakdown and prep time for each projects I can complete in a day along with any questions regarding the concepts. Because of my process & prep requirement we will have a clear idea of the design direction the project will go. 

How many designs/ concepts will I get?

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You will receive a customized PDF after you book the VIP design day that will have what we need in order to start our day together. :) All prep work is due at a day prior to our scheduled day together. If I don't receive a day prior we will need to re-schedule your design day for the first available date :)

What kind of prep work do I need to do? 

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What’s Next?

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